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Nice work, dude! This could be a soundtrack for a sci-fi game.

Yqarus responds:

Thank you! I'm glad that you like my work.
Everything was done right in that case, if you think like that.

I like it! But it sounds like synthwave or vaporwave instead of ambient.

I love this! The track is so retro and the picture has an ambient very futuristic. Nice work man! 👍

Not bad, dude! It makes me remember to electro house of another times.

I love it! Nice work my dude. ^^

PS: In a few weeks I'll release my first industrial track.

Yqarus responds:

Thank you man!
I'm looking forward to hear your track.

I know this track can be improved, but I also have to admit that this type of dubstep is not usually heard much.


Xh30 responds:

Honestly, I'm not sure this can be called "dubstep".

Thank you!

It's weird listening to buildups in an ambient track, but I think that can be something original.

Keep getting better!

RedTheCat responds:

Thanks! Also, I need to make sure I'm getting my genres right xD

Thanks for remixing my track brahh!

Yqarus responds:

My pleasure. :)
Anytime again.

This track is improvable, but I like it, it reminds to the melodic dubstep of 2015.

Vortonox responds:


Me gustan los temas música house general, así en plan chill rollo tropical house, aunque ese subgénero no es muy de mi agrado. Aun así, buen trabajo.

PD: Te comento en español porque he visto en tu bio que eres de España, yo también.

OmegaT responds:

Gracias! Este track es uno de los primeros que hice, y fue la primera vez que intentaba hacer tropical house. Lo subí a pesar de que es un track antiguo ya que me gusta, aun despues de estos 4 años que tiene la canción. Probablemente no vuelva a hacer tropical house ya que no me veo capaz de hacerlo bien.
Tampoco es que Offshore sea un ejemplo de hacerlo "bien" jajaj,
Gracias por la review!

Electronic music producer and DJ from Spain.


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